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About Buck Carson

Alongside my father, I’ve been involved with the vintage motorcycle world for more than 15 years. At the age of 8 years old I was introduced to my first motorcycle restoration project: a cosmetic restoration of my late grandfather’s 1982 Harley Davidson FLHT. Over a little bit more than a decade my father and I have amassed a private museum collection of more than 80 vintage machines of all brands and marquees, which comprise a century of motorcycling. Our antique motorcycle collection is not a business, but rather a hobby. For me, the opportunity to be involved in old motorcycles has turned from a slight enjoyment to an addiction for which there is no cure. In 2012, I rode a 1927 BSA S27 from New York to California over 17 days in the second running of the Motorcycle Cannonball. Throughout the 3,900 mile run, my team and I faced countless trials and tribulations and coaxed my 85 year old single cylinder on a ride that it was never designed for.

My passion for antique motorcycles runs deep, and at every available opportunity I try to expand the sport in the younger generations. Many of my high school and college friends have spent countless nights in the museum with me as I demonstrate various aspects of restoring, building, and repairing old motorcycles of all brands. Furthermore, several have been taught how to ride their first motorcycle (kick start-only) at the Carson Classic Motors museum. Following my participation in the 2012 Motorcycle Cannonball, where I enthusiastically promoted old motorcycles to young men and women all over the United States, and a stint as an assistant Youth Coordinator in 2013, I recently was brought aboard as the Youth Program Director for the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. I hope to use this race as a great opportunity to promote my passion into other young men and women all over the world.

Warming up to 2014

Welcome one and all to the first entry of the Pistons and Paint blog series for Carson Classic Motors. The most common question that people ask us is “What’s the latest project up on the lift?” and “Is CCM going to be at —————- event?” This blog will now answer...

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Giving Frankenstein a Transmission

Previously, CCM Team Member Brent Mayfield had been updating us on the extensive modifications needed to make the 1930’s Harley VL motor fit into the smaller 1920s JD Frame. Now with his front fork, motor mounts, and both front and rear axles set up to accept the flathead motor and...

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Frame and Front Fork Modifications

In his last update, custom bike builder Brent Mayfield detailed his plans for building a “FrankenHarley” to participate in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball. His choice in machine was to use a 1930’s Harley Flathead powerplant and a 1920’s Harley chassis. Obviously these parts were never meant to work together, so...

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Meet “Frankenstein” and the Mad Scientist

Planning out “Frankenstein” This blog “Building the Monster” is being produced on behalf of Brent Mayfield, who is a CCM team rider and renowned custom motorcycle builder. His creations have been featured in magazines all over, from Ironworks Magazine to Easy Rider and have won numerous accolades at events all over the...

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