Building the Monster


Giving Frankenstein a Transmission

Previously, CCM Team Member Brent Mayfield had been updating us on the extensive modifications needed to make the 1930’s Harley VL motor fit into the smaller 1920s JD Frame. Now with his front fork, motor mounts, and both front and rear axles set up to accept the flathead motor and Bultaco wheels, Brent details his progress in choosing the proper transmission to put the power to the rear wheel… Hi Team, The last 2 updates covered changes I made to the 25/27 J frame & fork. While there is still some work to be done to those 2 items, there is...

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Frame and Front Fork Modifications

In his last update, custom bike builder Brent Mayfield detailed his plans for building a “FrankenHarley” to participate in the 2014 Motorcycle Cannonball. His choice in machine was to use a 1930’s Harley Flathead powerplant and a 1920’s Harley chassis. Obviously these parts were never meant to work together, so extensive modifications to the frame and front end were necessary to have a rolling bike. Here’s Mayfield’s next progress report. Enjoy!   Hi Team, Here’s the next update on my 35VJ project.Last update covered a little history on how I came to decide to build the VJ. It also covered the...

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Meet “Frankenstein” and the Mad Scientist

Planning out “Frankenstein” This blog “Building the Monster” is being produced on behalf of Brent Mayfield, who is a CCM team rider and renowned custom motorcycle builder. His creations have been featured in magazines all over, from Ironworks Magazine to Easy Rider and have won numerous accolades at events all over the world. For his 2014 Cannonball Ride, Brent is attempting something that is anything but easy: building a motorcycle that Harley Davidson never produced. Using a 1920s JD model frame, Brent is shoehorning a powerful VL flathead motor into it to create a hard-riding, bad ass custom bobber. Without further adieu,...

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